ABOUT SWOT Hackathon

With about 2 years to launch of SWOT with its novel measurement capability of surface water, this hackathon aims to build deeper engagement with SWOT Early Adopters, who comprise SWOT's active user community. The Early Adopter program started in 2018.

The main goal of the SWOT Hackathon is to help Early Adopters overcome hurdles they currently face in executing their proposed assessment of SWOT simulator data and the mission's potential for societal applications. In other words, this Hackathon aims to provide a 1-1 hands-on experience to Early Adopters that will be delivered by a team made up of SWOT Application Working Group leads, members of SWOT Science Team, staff from NASA, JPL, CNES and students from University of Washington. Specifically, the goal is to provide training on the handling and application of the SWOT simulator, fix coding or software obstacles in the assessment of data and help interpret SWOT's expected data product, format, and availability for performing proposed societal applications.

This Hackathon will also bring the Early adopters to a focal point to continue their collaborative learning and sharing of lessons on their Early Adopter project.

Key Resources

CNES Large Scale SWOT Simulator - User's Tutorial for Terrestrial Surface Water Applications


Online (Broadcast via Zoom)